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On location at:
817 S. Jackson 
Amarillo, TX 79101


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After school from 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Acts After School

Acts After School is an exciting new program providing underserved kids the opportunity to participate in interest-based programming like art, golf, dance, etc. Allowing our students to develop skills in areas they are passionate about is the central theme of Acts After School. While a hot meal, education and fitness will be a part of the curriculum, most of the time will be spent cultivating passion for the specific activity chosen.

107 Golf Academy - Pilot Program
Launching January 7, 2025

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107 Golf Academy is the pilot program for Acts After-school and is a perfect representation of the types of partnerships we are looking for as an organization. They will provide the golf specific curriculum along with staff and volunteers, while Acts provides a hot meal and access to our facilities including the computer lab, basketball gym and art room.

Innovation Art Center
Launching March 17, 2025

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The Innovation Art Center is an Acts Community program developed for kids who are passionate about creating art. The curriculum will allow for traditional art exploration with a heavy focus on digital art and content creation. The space will feature a video podcast studio where students will get hands on experience with lighting, sound design, directing, editing and more. Developing these real-world skills will translate to college and beyond in the ever-evolving digital age.

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