About Us

Acts Community is a christian organization.  We believe that as christians, we are called to be solution givers, problem solvers and world changers.  Our current projects, the Acts Community Resource Center and the San Jacinto Beautification Project are an attempt to do just that.  


Acts Community was founded in December of 2009 by Chad Conner.  What started as a simple homeless outreach, has now grown to become a Community Center serving the residents of San Jacinto.  By focusing on a specific area, we are able to combat poverty and meet needs with specific, measurable goals.  Through relationship building, we are able to dig deeper than the immediate need, allowing us to focus on the underlying issues contributing to the poverty in our neighborhood.  San Jacinto has been in steady decline for several decades.  Our hope is to bring change to this area by offering practical tools to individuals and families, while meeting their emergency needs such as food, hygiene items and baby supplies. 


The San Jacinto Beautification Project is being run in conjunction with the resource center, with the goal of cleaning up the appearance of the neighborhood.  This will be accomplished by painting houses, planting flowers, cutting down dead trees and cleaning up the trash.  To date, we have painted 37 houses.  As the appearance changes, pride in the neighborhood is returning and hope for a safer, cleaner place to live is gaining momentum.